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The name of the domain will be identified with the name of the group that requests it. The quota established for the domain will be determined by the sic at the time of its request, taking into account the needs of the same and the maximum number of users specified in the request. This fee may be modified according to new needs and always under the acceptance of the computer and communications service hereinafter sic. The size of user mailboxes will be established by the domain controller, who will distribute the space allocated by the sic for the domain among its users in the most consistent way possible. The maximum number of email accounts that can be defined in the external domain will be.

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In case of higher needs, a study of the case will be made by the sic. The management of the external mail domain, as well as the management of the mail accounts defined in that domain, will be carried out by the person responsible for youtube accounts for sale the domain, under the supervision of the persons that compose the sic's email group. This mail service will not provide mailing list service. If you need it, you can use the corporate distribution list service, requesting a self manageable list in the domain@, whose name refers to the external domain. The mail service for external domains is integrated into corporate mail systems and therefore protected with the same perimeter security systems of the sic.

The configuration of outgoing mail for all users of external domains will be done through the gateway of corporate mail and therefore, will be authenticated mail. The request of the email service for an external domain presupposes that the person buy instagram pva in charge of the domain has read and accepted the present conditions. The following are the responsibilities of the applicant for the external e mail domain. The applicant of the external domain is responsible for it, as well as the e mail accounts defined in that domain.. The controller will manage the domain remotely using the tools provided for this purpose.

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In the same way, the responsible will manage the email accounts that are defined in the domain.. The domain controller will provide technical support and resolve incidents that arise with the users of the domain in a first level buy instagram account of assistance. In case, you need a second level support, you can be advised by the staff of the sic email group.. The staff of the email group of the sic will only deal with incidents of users of an external domain through the responsible of the same. At no time will this service be used. Infringes the rights of another person on trademarks or domain names.

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In order to send or disseminate false, defamatory, harmful, illicit or human rights information or that violate or violate obligations of confidentiality, privacy, personal data protection, trade secrets, industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties, rights of the consumer and responsible for the domain or any other right.. In a way that constitutes a violation or breach of the rights of any person or the violation or breach of any type of legal duty or obligation either contractually, extra contractually or in any way. Contrary to the instructions that the sic has provided to the responsible in relation to the use, management and/ or maintenance of the service.. To collect or disclose information about others, including e mail addresses, without your consent.. To send or introduce viruses, trojans, worms or any other hostile, harmful or harmful software, perform spamming, hacking, bombing or any other actions that are or may be detrimental to the e mail service or the network of the college.